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Each hair piece is made with you in mind... every woman has a story to tell.  You deserve your Wedding Day to be everything you ever dreamed it would... no look is complete without the perfect hair accessories! Every Bride has a different style - Classic Bride, Vintage Bride, Boho Bride, Beachy Bride, Modern Bride, Glam Bride...each so lovely, and yet so different! 

Inspiration is all around us... a perfect puffy cloud, a elegant orchid, a lone seashell...each being unnoticed until you see!  I am inspired by the little things...that can be turned into something very special.  For my Vintage Inspired Line I use quality vintage jewelry to inspire each unique hairpieces which makes each and everyone special! For my Nature inspired Line I use quality Crystal Quartz for inspiration.


Hello Beautiful Bride to Be!

Welcome to my dream of doing something I love!  I have always loved weddings...there's just something about the dress, the rings, the flowers, the music, the aura of love that transports you into another world...one that dreams come true and fairy tales happen...

Thank you for helping me to be a part of your love story!


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